5 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

BMR is the minimum energy that a person has for body to function. Metabolisms are different, according to the person, this is why there are people who like intake to have differently and many people digest calories faster than the others. The metabolic rate is the rate at which a body burns calories. The thyroid is responsible for this variation in rates, since according to its operation metabolic rate will be higher or lower. Furthermore, it should be noted that genetic inheritance is essential to judge your metabolic rate. But while we may find that our body has slow metabolism reaction, there are 5 tricks to speed up the metabolic rate and lose weight and stay in the desired weight.

1 – Do not Skip Breakfast!



The rush of everyday life often makes leave home to work with just a cup of coffee. Well, it is seriously bad practice. A rich and energetic breakfast with protein, fiber and carbohydrates is the best choice to shoot the metabolism in the morning. Breakfast will make you body contact with a source of food after fasting hours of sleep and reduce your hunger and anxiety by the hour but avoid including fats and sweets Truth Here Venus Factor Fat Loss Program

2 – Eat Several Times a Day
The multiplicity of intake is very suitable to hold off your drive to binge. Rather than eating large meals two or three times a day, try to distribute food intakes in 5 times such as;

•    Breakfast
•    Mid-morning snack
•    Lunch
•    Afternoon snack
•    Dinner at sunset

Several times of daily intakes is an excellent method to keep metabolism constantly running all day.

3 – Good breakfast, Medium Lunch and Light Dinner

The most important meal is breakfast, in which you must include proteins for nutrition and increase satiety, fiber for digestion and carbohydrates to provide energy.

Lunch should be abundant, but moderately; if you have helped a mid-morning snack i.e. fruit, yogurt, a protein bar, you will have less hunger at noon.

At dinner, don’t have it too late because the process of digestion can interfere with sleep, so have it lightly, composed of protein and fiber. Do not include too many carbohydrates at dinner, because your metabolic activity is lower after sunset and calories will be incorporated into your body without spending, which will lead eventually to gain weight.

4 – Drink Plenty of Water

Believe it or not, water is needed to burn calories because it intervenes directly in the basal metabolism. A person with low intake of water holds calories not only by the inability of metabolism to burn but because body interprets to save on reserves, including reserves of fat.

5 – Exercise and Make a Bit of Muscle Mass

Active and regular activity of fitness burns more calories than sedentary people. In addition, people with higher amount of lean muscle mass have higher metabolic rates, since muscle tissue must be maintained with metabolic cost. Therefore, it is essential to do weight training, even if they are light, as aerobics alone are not sufficient to achieve a constant rate of metabolic rate. It is considered that a person who has attended an intense physical workout keeps his/her metabolism elevated for at least 24 to 48 hours after finishing the session. So increase metabolism, lose extra weight gain energy and feel better.